#MakossaBK 2018 Season Finale

What's Labor Day weekend without a proper cookout? One of my favorite summer parties is hosted by Makossa Cookout at Our Wicked Lady in Williamsburg. Juan "Wonway Posibul" Amador of the Latin Soul Brothers, linked up with NYC-based event promotion team Rare Form back in 2010 to bring his famous makossa sound from San Francisco to NYC to create a bicoastal vibe like none other. Now it's in the ninth year the party has expanded from its Brooklyn roots and hit the road with Makossa Cookouts popping up in Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles courtesy of a recent partnership with Miller Lite.

I haven't done much event photography up to this point so I thought the party would be the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet. People often ask me what type of photography I want to do and most times I struggle to answer because I've never viewed photography as something that would ever box me into a specific lane or doing only one type of photography full time. I've always felt that it's something that will evolve over time but at least for now I know that what I enjoy the most is definitely capturing people in their element. Are party portraits a thing? 🤔 Fuck it why not!

Event: Makossa BK 2018 Season Finale
Date: Saturday, September 1, 2018
Location: Our Wicked Lady (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Music: Wonway Posibul, DJ Tara, DJ Shinobi Shaw, DJ Reborn, Mr. Lucky
Food: For The Culture Catering      

Good music, great food, and happy people ... a simple equation with a beautiful outcome all while staying true to the spirit of a classic NYC block party. 
— Makossa Cookout

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Extra Credit

You've probably heard makossa music before without realizing that's what it was. The word makossa means 'dance' in the Douala language (the Douala are native to Cameroon) and is similar to soukous but makes more use of a prominent horn section and strong electric bass rhythm with notable influences from jazz, rumba, merengue and traditional West African instrumentation. By far the most famous makossa musician is Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango, whose single "Soul Makossa" in 1972 became a massive international hit and was a key point in the development of the sound and tempo of disco music. Check it out ...