Behind The Scenes: County of Kings Podcast


I had a chance to chop it up with my friends Christian and Aaron this past Wednesday during a live taping of their podcast at The Brewery Studio in Williamsburg. Chris and Aaron started their podcast earlier this year called the County of Kings that features the two of them in an open format along with music courtesy of the podcast's resident DJ KRock

I've known the two of them since high school (waaaaaay back #MAPSO) and I've had a chance to reconnect with them since I moved to Brooklyn in 2014. Aaron hit me up on Monday letting me know they'd be recording their next episode in a few days and asked if I wanted to come through and chill with them in the studio, I told him I'd definitely come through and bring my camera and get a few behind the scenes shots of them in their element.

I've tried to make it a point to support ALL my friends in their endeavors, whether it's going to one of their shows, buying their art, going to a class they're teaching ... whatever it may be. I think sometimes we forget that the biggest thing you can do for someone, especially those closest to you, is just show up! Social media has given all of us a false sense of connectivity where we think liking a friend's status, double tapping one of their pictures, or sharing something they posted is staying in touch or showing support but it's all hollow. It's especially real for anyone who's an artist, an entrepreneur, or maybe just trying to get a project off the ground ... likes and shares don't pay the bills! Anyway, I'm done guilt tripping you ... do the right thing and buy a print 👀

Wednesday was the County of King's eleventh episode and hit on the timely subject of cuffing season, with summer fading and the weather starting to cool down a lot of people are on the market looking for bae. They touched on when you start scouting, the transition into building that roster and who ultimately makes that final cut. Check out the full episode below (#NSFW) which also includes a quick interview I did with Chris about my photography (my interview starts at the 1 hour and 3 minute mark) followed by a few BTS shots. Enjoy

Behind The Scenes