Catching Up / Kelly's Dirty Thirty 🎂

Catching Up

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the complete radio silence on my end the past few months. I've been off the map and out of touch in a lot of aspects recently but I'm slowly working my way back to shooting more consistently and putting out blog posts more frequently. From a creative standpoint, I was a writer long before I became a photographer so as much as I'd like to shoot more I'm realizing it's just as important getting my thoughts down and sharing them with you guys.

I spoke on the phone a few nights ago with a good friend from college named Eryck as a part of my personal challenge to reconnect with 30 people over the next 30 days for at least 30 minutes (phone call or video chat) each. One of the things that has always impressed me about Eryck is just how many things he's involved in; he's a successful Digital Marketing Strategist, best selling author, chef, and just recently launched his own lifestyle brand Dezoti. During our conversation, he shared with me that as a child his father nurtured and entertained all of his curiosities. If there was anything he was interested in his father allowed him to explore it and never stifled or repressed his interests, that level of support and freedom has clearly paid dividends for him in adulthood as he has continued to view the world as endless possibilities.

My conversation with Eryck was an inspiring exchange and reminded me of many of the people I came across in Cuba who out of sheer necessity have become proficient in several different trades. So although the primary focus of this blog is my photography don't be surprised if I occasionally share some of my other creative endeavors as well. In life, people will continually try to label you as one thing or try and squeeze you into small boxes that reflect their perspective or level of understanding. Do everything you can to resist that and live a life that's unequivocally on your own terms. If something sparks your interest or has been sitting on your conscious for some time ... pursue it! Believe me ... you'll be happy you did. 

Kelly's Dirty Thirty 🎂 

Anyway enough about me! This past Sunday I got a chance to take a few pictures at my friend Kelly's 30th birthday party at a beautiful rooftop apartment in Midtown, Manhattan. Kelly and I go back to the high school days (CHS 05' 🙌🏾) and we've kept in touch since I moved back up north from Florida. She invited me out for her birthday and I decided to bring my camera with me and have some fun. The following are some of my favorite pictures from the party. Enjoy and don't forget to hit me up if you'd like to me take pictures at your next event or party!