Next Generation Now: Children's March NYC

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Next Generation Now (@nextgenerationnow) rally at Cadman Plaza. The march was an opportunity for young people to choose the issues they care about, and to learn to stand up and speak out... On their own terms and in their own words. Children and youth don’t get to vote, but they do have a voice and they want and need to use it to speak up on issues that will impact them and their generation.

Photo by Monika Kratochvil

Photo by Monika Kratochvil

This rally and march is an opportunity for young people to hear from youth activists about their work and to learn how to become similarly involved. It is also a chance to hear from those who made a difference as young people, as well as a place for social justice organizations to talk to youth and families about the issues they work on. The hope is to promote a commitment to activism and a willingness to speak out on the many issues affecting young people, with the knowledge that, despite their age, youth can have a huge impact on their world.
— Next Generation Now

At the @brklyncentral booth, we spoke to kids about the power of photography in documenting social change and shared some tips on how to capture striking images right on your phone. You don't need a fancy or expensive DSLR to document the world around you, all it takes is an eye for capturing the moments and people we come across every day. While researching the topic of youth engagement I came across a profile on Nic Tullis, a teenager from Illinois, who uses his iPhone to campaign for social change by humanizing the homeless population in his neighborhood. Learn more about Nic and what motivated him to keep shooting here.  

The following are a few of my favorite shots from the march...

BONUS: Brooklyn photographer Torz Dallison captured some great photos at the event ... check them out